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[20 Jun 2006|10:36pm]

Look likes I have my own personal fangirl now. Be jealous!

kiss me kidman: Aw, that is a cute song, actually.
Grace of Keith: Thank you.
kiss me kidman: You're welcome... it's very sweet. I feel like I'm some sort of fangirl. *laughs*
Grace of Keith: My own personal fan girl. I like it. *laughs*
kiss me kidman: *laughs* Good, I'm glad someone appreciates it. Oh, and I have better benefits too.
Grace of Keith: What would thos benefits be?
kiss me kidman: *clears her throat* Oh nothing. Nothing at all. *laughs*
Grace of Keith: Oh you say that now *laughs*
kiss me kidman: I'm pretending to be timid. *laughs*
Grace of Keith: I never would have guessed.
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THAT'S RIGHT. [01 Aug 2005|04:19am]

[ mood | hyper ]

It's over. I took her virginity. SUCKAS. You ALL GOT SERVED.

BriBroksback: you suggested I take your pirate costume off of you!=-O
Adoring Alba: Oh psh, you know you would want to.
BriBroksback: :-[ umm maayybee, maybe not
ashleyinyoureyes: haha we'll just go buy that hotter one for all of us mhmm
ashleyinyoureyes: Love Pirates and all, we each need one me says
Adoring Alba: Psh Brian, if you don't wanna take it off, I'll have someone else do it :-P
ashleyinyoureyes: like MEEEEEEEEE
Adoring Alba: We need like.. jerseys or something
BriBroksback: =-O fine then! GO have someone else do it!
BriBroksback: see if I care
BriBroksback: hmph!
Adoring Alba: FINE THEN
Adoring Alba: Ashley, come over here and take off my clothes
ashleyinyoureyes: no we need sexy skimpy outfists to distract the boys with
ashleyinyoureyes: oh yeah *pounce*
Adoring Alba: WOO
Adoring Alba: *is pounced*
ashleyinyoureyes: *rips clothes off*
ashleyinyoureyes: *ravages*
BriBroksback: =-O
BriBroksback: covers eyes*
Adoring Alba: MMMM *is ravaged and stripped*
ashleyinyoureyes: umm
ashleyinyoureyes: *is a virgin!*
ashleyinyoureyes: um
ashleyinyoureyes: *does the naughty things*
BriBroksback: *covers eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!*
Adoring Alba: WOOOOO
ashleyinyoureyes: *takes you on the bed*
ashleyinyoureyes: *takes you ont eh floor*
ashleyinyoureyes: *takes you in the pool*
Adoring Alba: OH MY GOSH ASH
ashleyinyoureyes: *takes you ...on the top of the escalade*
Adoring Alba: GIVE IT TO ME
ashleyinyoureyes: *GIVES IT TO YOU*
Adoring Alba: *TAKES IT*
Adoring Alba: fklsdgjhsjfdklg
ashleyinyoureyes: oh yeah eihaoeirhbpaoiehrb
Adoring Alba: oh yeah baby mmmmmmmmm fjdshafjkdsfg

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We have the strangest conversations... [31 Jul 2005|11:37pm]

[ mood | lmao ]

michellerod12: Julia, my goddess.
juliaxstyles: Michelle, my something or other.
michellerod12: How are you?
juliaxstyles: I'm fantabulous. I have a fish to my tuna.
michellerod12: You...what?
juliaxstyles: Yes, I'm coverting. You may call me Ester.
michellerod12: Converting to? Ester? Are you joining the mormons?
juliaxstyles: AHAHAHAHA. No, you idiot. The red string bracelet religion. Durrrr.
juliaxstyles: ...
juliaxstyles: nevermind. Clearly, my humor surpasses you.
michellerod12: Yeah, I only respond to crude humor, don't mock me.
juliaxstyles: I know a dirty joke, wanna hear?
michellerod12: OK
juliaxstyles: AHAHAHAHA.
michellerod12: That's a joke?
michellerod12: *ahem* I mean HAHAHA
michellerod12: haha...ha
juliaxstyles: *kills you and lets that be the end of it*
juliaxstyles: Aha, I win.

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[15 Jul 2005|12:52am]

[ mood | amused ]

suckas i got suuuuuuuuurvedCollapse )

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[13 Jul 2005|08:06pm]

[ mood | amused ]

JuliaXstyles: Would you let me throw rocks at you?
scream4Liev: no
JuliaXstyles: Damn.
JuliaXstyles: Miss Hilton you must be worth a trillion buckssssss.
JuliaXstyles: Which is like, a lot of deer.
JuliaXstyles: Fawn. Doe. La. Me. So. Faaaaaaa.
scream4Liev: have you been hitting the pipe again?
JuliaXstyles: If the answer is no!!!! *claps* Knock three times on the ceiling if you want me, oooohhhhh, twice on THE PIPE!!! Ahha.
scream4Liev: you've lost it
JuliaXstyles: No, they are song lyrics. From the 70's I think... don't you ever watch VH1?
scream4Liev: i am now
JuliaXstyles: I know, I'm right outside your windooooow.
scream4Liev: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!
JuliaXstyles: ...you should put on some clothes.
scream4Liev: why?
JuliaXstyles: Ummm. Nevermind Liev.
scream4Liev: i like naked
JuliaXstyles: You could be a naked monk....
scream4Liev: but i'm jewish
JuliaXstyles: We could figure something out.
scream4Liev: a naked rabbi?
JuliaXstyles: Perhaps.
scream4Liev: how about a naked actor?
JuliaXstyles: a porn starrrrr?
scream4Liev: i'm well hung, why not?
JuliaXstyles: LIKE A DONKEY.
JuliaXstyles: Ew.
JuliaXstyles: I think I just threw up in my mouth a little...

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[08 Jul 2005|01:00am]

[ mood | bored ]

chad hates wax: can i kill some people?
liv is wilde: YES
chad hates wax: okay thanks

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Cause I aint no hollaback girl [23 Jun 2005|02:22pm]

[ mood | bored ]

chad hates wax: Amy?
Amy blonde Smart: Chad?
chad hates wax: Are you a hollaback girl?
Amy blonde Smart: I ain't hollaback girl.
Amy blonde Smart: Haha

chad hates wax: Sophia?
love sophia b: Chad!
chad hates wax: Are you a hollaback girl?
love sophia b: Nope. Do you know what a hollaback girl is?
chad hates wax: No.
love sophia b: A hooker
chad hates wax: Oh.
chad hates wax: Hm, sorry?
love sophia b: It's alright
chad hates wax: haha
love sophia b: You so knew what a hollerback girl was
chad hates wax: I did not.
love sophia b: Good.
chad hates wax: It was on the radio and I've had one too many coffees today and yeah. Uh.
love sophia b: That explains it

chad hates wax: James?
JayLaffs: Chad?
chad hates wax: Are you a hollaback girl?
JayLaffs: -sighs- Yes I am
chad hates wax: AHAHAHA
JayLaffs: sup?
chad hates wax: Not much.
chad hates wax: Sup wit you?
JayLaffs: just enjoyin being a hollaback girl
chad hates wax: Do you know that's a hooker?
JayLaffs: yes but when you say it like that it makes me sound trashy
chad hates wax: It is trashy no matter how you say it.
JayLaffs: no a hollaback girl is classy...the girls that stand on the corner with me told me so
chad hates wax: James.........
JayLaffs: yes?
chad hates wax: Nevermind.
JayLaffs: tell me
chad hates wax: So you moonlight as a hooker?
JayLaffs: well yeah...One Tree Hill just doesn't pay enough.
chad hates wax: Man, uh do what I do and make some movies.

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[01 Jun 2005|02:07am]

It took me a really long time to decide where to postthisCollapse )
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On Aliens.... [26 May 2005|07:53am]

[ mood | mischievous ]

Josh had recently been bumped from the chat due to computer issues. Conversation had already touched on aliens and smurfs and Josh's sudden disappearence from chat was blamed on alien abduction.

Read on about skittle lickiness, aliens, animorphs, smurfs and other wacky thingsCollapse )

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BABY! LOOK! [18 May 2005|12:57am]

[ mood | ooooh! ]

TrainKevR: Oh Kris told me to tell you that you need to do something about that hat you wore on Ellen
JShadez69: oooh no
JShadez69: that hat fuckin' kicks ass
JShadez69: and my baby loved it
TrainKevR: well mine didn't approve of it too much. Im only telling you what she told me to tell you
TrainKevR: dont shoot the messanger

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Popcorn and ass, the classic combination. [17 May 2005|07:44pm]

[ mood | chipper ]

BabieCakesJosie: Heck yeah
JuliaXstyles: Hells yeah!
JuliaXstyles: Okay then, fur real, we be ridin' on duh-bs with pink umbrel-las.
JuliaXstyles: We be street yo.
BabieCakesJosie: *laughs* Fo sho
JuliaXstyles: We da koolest people in the world, fo sho.
JuliaXstyles: So, lets go pop a cap in someone's ass.
BabieCakesJosie: Haha straight hood..shit
JuliaXstyles: Wait, doesn't a gun go "bang" not "pop"...?
JuliaXstyles: It sounds like we'd be making popcorn...with someone's ass, or popcorn in your ass, or ass in your popcorn...
BabieCakesJosie: Your right!
JuliaXstyles: Nevermind, I've eaten popcorn made by people that smell like ass, if you think about it, it works.
BabieCakesJosie: *crackes up*
JuliaXstyles: It's the voice of reason or something, people and ass, it works!
BabieCakesJosie: It really does... : ]
JuliaXstyles: Wait. Weren't we talking about guns?
JuliaXstyles: *sobs* I get so confused!

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[16 May 2005|05:49pm]

In case you needed proof of how terribly unhip I am, may I submit..Collapse )
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Let's Get High... [16 May 2005|10:17am]

[ mood | amused ]

Getting High with SophiaCollapse )
I just realized...she never answered...So...Sophia, can I snort it or not?
A little old but Olivia owes me a kissCollapse )
Brings me back to doing OTH commentaryCollapse )

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Ah, this ruled [14 May 2005|11:33am]

liv is wilde: hahahaha. you're so kick ass. did you know that? you're like the peanut butter to my jelly.
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[06 May 2005|01:47am]

Cinco De Mayo part1Collapse )

PART 2Collapse )
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I love nick chastain [02 May 2005|10:18pm]

[ mood | amused ]

I love keeping him from going to sleep :D
nick rules my worldCollapse )

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No I don't wear hair plugs [28 Apr 2005|12:05am]

[ mood | geeky ]

JayLaffs (11:50:18 PM): -laughs- man you miss so many chances to pick on me
JayLaffs (11:50:49 PM): or else you are just way too nice for that.
oth chad michael (11:50:56 PM): I know. I'm getting slower in my old age.
JayLaffs (11:51:19 PM): -laughs- wow...you didn't just call yourself old.
oth chad michael (11:51:54 PM): I did.
JayLaffs (11:52:04 PM): then what am I?
JayLaffs (11:52:19 PM): you are only a little under 4 years older than me.
oth chad michael (11:52:56 PM): I have no idea what that makes you.
JayLaffs (11:53:10 PM): hmm me either.
JayLaffs (11:53:14 PM): I'm not old though
oth chad michael (11:53:47 PM): Once you hit 21, you're old.
JayLaffs (11:53:57 PM): is that so?
oth chad michael (11:54:07 PM): Yes.
JayLaffs (11:54:20 PM): I have a bit over a year then
oth chad michael (11:56:04 PM): Yes you do. Then it's all downhill from there. You start to lose your hair first. Then the vision starts to go, and then finally the memory goes. It sucks.
JayLaffs (11:56:22 PM): What? -laughs-
JayLaffs (11:57:01 PM): so when did you start wearing a wig?
oth chad michael (11:57:35 PM): Luckily for me, I can afford hair plugs, and luckilly for you, you will be able to too.
JayLaffs (11:58:06 PM): well I'm glad I will be able to...does it make you insecure that I'm not the first person to ask if you are wearing a wig?
oth chad michael (11:59:12 PM): No, not at all.
JayLaffs (11:59:26 PM): -laughs lightly- glad
oth chad michael (12:00:16 AM): hahahaha

oth chad michael (12:17:48 AM): Would you be offended if I told you my butt hurts? Cause it does.
JayLaffs (12:18:29 AM): -laughs- not offended in the least bit...unless you are trying to imply it's my fault...
oth chad michael (12:18:46 AM): No it's not your fault.
JayLaffs (12:18:47 AM): or -laughs lightly- tryin to drop some hints there...
oth chad michael (12:18:58 AM): I just remembered something.
JayLaffs (12:19:30 AM): -tries to stop laughing- ah man...sorry that was just a great line.
oth chad michael (12:19:43 AM): Back in high school, the cool catch phrase was to say you were "butt hurt" when you were angry, sad, mad, you know, one of those emotions.
oth chad michael (12:20:33 AM): Then one day my english teacher got sick of all of saying it all the time. So she asked us one day, "Do you know what "butt hurt" means?"
oth chad michael (12:20:37 AM): None of us knew.
oth chad michael (12:20:50 AM): I guess it's slang for getting raped or something.
JayLaffs (12:21:15 AM): oooh nice...to know...
oth chad michael (12:21:28 AM): My nice little trivia of the day.
JayLaffs (12:21:44 AM): thank you for that...
JayLaffs (12:21:58 AM): I was hinting at something similar...but not sure you picked it up...
oth chad michael (12:22:11 AM): No, I didn't pick it up.
JayLaffs (12:23:11 AM): that's ok
JayLaffs (12:23:15 AM): we'll drop that.

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MEAN GIRLS IS FUN!!!!!!!!!!! [22 Apr 2005|02:06am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

JuliaXstyles: I've got the psychic stuff going on. My breasts can always tell when it's going to rain.
JuliaXstyles: Hopefully, you get that quote....
Brooding x Ben: Julia, you have ESPN?
JuliaXstyles: Yes!
JuliaXstyles: I only date women of color....
JuliaXstyles: Sorry.
Brooding x Ben: You Puerto Rican?
JuliaXstyles: Lebanese.
Brooding x Ben: I feel that.
JuliaXstyles: Ha, your such a regulation hottie.
Brooding x Ben: You're almost too gay to function.
JuliaXstyles: Woooot, Ben's my new favorite.

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James to the Lafferty wins at life [12 Apr 2005|10:27pm]

[ mood | geeky ]

othchadmichael: Well, this sucks.
JayLaffs: what?
JayLaffs: that we're boring?
othchadmichael: Yeah.
JayLaffs: yeah...we should be exciting...
othchadmichael: We should be but we aren't.
JayLaffs: nope, we aren't at all...
othchadmichael: We need to work on changing that.
JayLaffs: we should.
othchadmichael: So what are we going to do about it?
JayLaffs: you are the smart one!
othchadmichael: No I'm not.
JayLaffs: says who?
othchadmichael: Me.
JayLaffs: you don't count
othchadmichael: And why not?
JayLaffs: cause all smart people deny it.
JayLaffs: it's the stupid ones that are quick to claim genius status
othchadmichael: haha! That's true!
JayLaffs: Yup.
othchadmichael: So... do you consider yourself a genius?
JayLaffs: Therefore you can say you aren't smart...but I know you are...
JayLaffs: Hell yes!
othchadmichael: Ok, then by your theory you jsut claimed yourself stupid.
othchadmichael: I'm just saying.
JayLaffs: yup
othchadmichael: haha!
JayLaffs: do you disagree sir?
othchadmichael: I disagree, I mean you are the one who developed that nice little theory.
JayLaffs: -laughs lightly- see I'm a freaking genius...hmmm ha I win at life.
othchadmichael: You do win at life, score one for James to the Lafferty.
JayLaffs: Thank you! Thank you! Life is a good thing to win at.
othchadmichael: Yes it is, agreed.

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Yo Soy Chad [31 Mar 2005|12:27am]

[ mood | cheerful ]

othchadmichael: Que pasa Amy Smart?
Amy blonde Smart: Nada Chad Michael Murray, just chillin ..

othchadmichael: I'm having alot of fun with this english to spanish translator even if it's wrong 99% of the time in it's translations.
Amy blonde Smart: Haha, let's speak in spanish?
Amy blonde Smart: We should try, those translator are stupid

Spanish is funCollapse )

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