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James to the Lafferty wins at life

othchadmichael: Well, this sucks.
JayLaffs: what?
JayLaffs: that we're boring?
othchadmichael: Yeah.
JayLaffs: yeah...we should be exciting...
othchadmichael: We should be but we aren't.
JayLaffs: nope, we aren't at all...
othchadmichael: We need to work on changing that.
JayLaffs: we should.
othchadmichael: So what are we going to do about it?
JayLaffs: you are the smart one!
othchadmichael: No I'm not.
JayLaffs: says who?
othchadmichael: Me.
JayLaffs: you don't count
othchadmichael: And why not?
JayLaffs: cause all smart people deny it.
JayLaffs: it's the stupid ones that are quick to claim genius status
othchadmichael: haha! That's true!
JayLaffs: Yup.
othchadmichael: So... do you consider yourself a genius?
JayLaffs: Therefore you can say you aren't smart...but I know you are...
JayLaffs: Hell yes!
othchadmichael: Ok, then by your theory you jsut claimed yourself stupid.
othchadmichael: I'm just saying.
JayLaffs: yup
othchadmichael: haha!
JayLaffs: do you disagree sir?
othchadmichael: I disagree, I mean you are the one who developed that nice little theory.
JayLaffs: -laughs lightly- see I'm a freaking genius...hmmm ha I win at life.
othchadmichael: You do win at life, score one for James to the Lafferty.
JayLaffs: Thank you! Thank you! Life is a good thing to win at.
othchadmichael: Yes it is, agreed.
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