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No I don't wear hair plugs

JayLaffs (11:50:18 PM): -laughs- man you miss so many chances to pick on me
JayLaffs (11:50:49 PM): or else you are just way too nice for that.
oth chad michael (11:50:56 PM): I know. I'm getting slower in my old age.
JayLaffs (11:51:19 PM): -laughs- didn't just call yourself old.
oth chad michael (11:51:54 PM): I did.
JayLaffs (11:52:04 PM): then what am I?
JayLaffs (11:52:19 PM): you are only a little under 4 years older than me.
oth chad michael (11:52:56 PM): I have no idea what that makes you.
JayLaffs (11:53:10 PM): hmm me either.
JayLaffs (11:53:14 PM): I'm not old though
oth chad michael (11:53:47 PM): Once you hit 21, you're old.
JayLaffs (11:53:57 PM): is that so?
oth chad michael (11:54:07 PM): Yes.
JayLaffs (11:54:20 PM): I have a bit over a year then
oth chad michael (11:56:04 PM): Yes you do. Then it's all downhill from there. You start to lose your hair first. Then the vision starts to go, and then finally the memory goes. It sucks.
JayLaffs (11:56:22 PM): What? -laughs-
JayLaffs (11:57:01 PM): so when did you start wearing a wig?
oth chad michael (11:57:35 PM): Luckily for me, I can afford hair plugs, and luckilly for you, you will be able to too.
JayLaffs (11:58:06 PM): well I'm glad I will be able to...does it make you insecure that I'm not the first person to ask if you are wearing a wig?
oth chad michael (11:59:12 PM): No, not at all.
JayLaffs (11:59:26 PM): -laughs lightly- glad
oth chad michael (12:00:16 AM): hahahaha

oth chad michael (12:17:48 AM): Would you be offended if I told you my butt hurts? Cause it does.
JayLaffs (12:18:29 AM): -laughs- not offended in the least bit...unless you are trying to imply it's my fault...
oth chad michael (12:18:46 AM): No it's not your fault.
JayLaffs (12:18:47 AM): or -laughs lightly- tryin to drop some hints there...
oth chad michael (12:18:58 AM): I just remembered something.
JayLaffs (12:19:30 AM): -tries to stop laughing- ah man...sorry that was just a great line.
oth chad michael (12:19:43 AM): Back in high school, the cool catch phrase was to say you were "butt hurt" when you were angry, sad, mad, you know, one of those emotions.
oth chad michael (12:20:33 AM): Then one day my english teacher got sick of all of saying it all the time. So she asked us one day, "Do you know what "butt hurt" means?"
oth chad michael (12:20:37 AM): None of us knew.
oth chad michael (12:20:50 AM): I guess it's slang for getting raped or something.
JayLaffs (12:21:15 AM): oooh know...
oth chad michael (12:21:28 AM): My nice little trivia of the day.
JayLaffs (12:21:44 AM): thank you for that...
JayLaffs (12:21:58 AM): I was hinting at something similar...but not sure you picked it up...
oth chad michael (12:22:11 AM): No, I didn't pick it up.
JayLaffs (12:23:11 AM): that's ok
JayLaffs (12:23:15 AM): we'll drop that.
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