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Ryan Gosling

You have just entered room "accincodemayo."
Mister Gosling: SO! star of the dr. phil show. whats up?
PeachesMMCNikki: wasn't he so hot?
Mister Gosling: not really
PeachesMMCNikki: psh you know you loved it
PeachesMMCNikki: mmmm aj???
JShadez69: what?
Mister Gosling: did i say that?
PeachesMMCNikki: hmmm i don't remember
Mister Gosling: i didn't
jenny mooches: i didn't either!
jenny mooches: and hi. everyone.
Mister Gosling: where is my sexy stud at?
Mister Gosling: im bored and want sex
PeachesMMCNikki: you want sex???
jenny mooches: oh GEEZ
jenny mooches: not in my house you don't
JShadez69: something smells like it's burning
jenny mooches: SERIOUSLY?
JShadez69: ok no it's just me
Mister Gosling: hey, if nick and i wanna have sex. we're gonna have sex
jenny mooches: GOOD GOD AJ you scared the shit outta me
jenny mooches: and no you're not
Mister Gosling: yes we are
Mister Gosling: NIiIiIiiiiCK
Nick Is Chaste: I'm here LoOoOoOoOver
jenny mooches: no.
Mister Gosling: mmm i missed you
Nick Is Chaste: i missed you the most.
jenny mooches: boys..
Mister Gosling: mm yo'ure so hot when you miss me
Nick Is Chaste: you're even hotter when you say i'm hot
jenny mooches: i swear to god if y'all get naked in my house i'll kick you out
Mister Gosling: oh yeah, well i think its hot when you said the word hot
Nick Is Chaste: i'm feeling hot. maybe i'll take off my shirt
jenny mooches: oh geeez
Mister Gosling: maybe i'll take off my pants
jenny mooches: pants on
Beth is Rosie: ohh no shirts sounds good.
jenny mooches: shirts are okay
jenny mooches: pants ON
Mister Gosling: beth take yours off
Beth is Rosie: ok!
PeachesMMCNikki: are we stripping?
jenny mooches: apparently!
Mister Gosling: ahahaha
Mister Gosling: pants, off.
PeachesMMCNikki: you don't wanna see me naked so i'm staying clothed!
Mister Gosling: true true
JShadez69: hey now
jenny mooches: I like my outfit so i'm staying clothed also
Mister Gosling: i have that deaf person commercial stuck in my head
jenny mooches: haha oh man
JShadez69: I think i'm going to stay up all night
Mister Gosling: me too
jenny mooches: fabulous!
jenny mooches: i almost did that last night
Mister Gosling: untill i pass out
JShadez69: I have to be up early anyway, might as well
PeachesMMCNikki: what are you getting up early for?
Mister Gosling: its really cold in here
PeachesMMCNikki: i'm freezing!
Mister Gosling: ME TOO
Mister Gosling: god jenny
JShadez69: tomorrow friday? conference call [me, moving out!]
Nick Is Chaste: i'll warm you up ryan.
jenny mooches: I don't think I know how to fix the thermostate
jenny mooches: -e
Mister Gosling: mmm nick, please do
Mister Gosling: how about i just light something on fire?
Mister Gosling: like uh, the couch
jenny mooches: um no!
Beth is Rosie: oh yes
Mister Gosling: haha beth
jenny mooches: beth! no! no fires!!
Nick Is Chaste: or how about jenny?
Beth is Rosie: that cheese and turkey i just hate.... are hating on me now
Mister Gosling: aahaha
jenny mooches: JENNY DOESNT LIKE FIRE1
PeachesMMCNikki: did you suggest lighting jenny on fire?
Mister Gosling: YES
Nick Is Chaste: would jenny like it if jenny was on fire?
Mister Gosling: lets tie her up
PeachesMMCNikki: y'all! be nice
Nick Is Chaste: okay!
PeachesMMCNikki: it's her place!
JShadez69: ok seriously, i smell something weird
Nick Is Chaste: ryan didn't shower today.
jenny mooches: no fire
Mister Gosling: ha
Beth is Rosie: did you step in something aj?
JShadez69: *laughs* it's more like....ah i have no idea. but i'm gonna step out and then i'll come back
Mister Gosling: nick and i were too busy today, i didn''t have time to break away to shower
Nick Is Chaste: yeah, it sucks.
jenny mooches: and yet you wanna do it some MORE
jenny mooches: ygh!
Mister Gosling: maybe in the shower
PeachesMMCNikki: nick and ryan... just strange images
Mister Gosling: YOUR SHOWER
Nick Is Chaste: using YOUR TOWEL
jenny mooches: EW GOSH
Mister Gosling: we can rub our naked asses all over the shower walls
JShadez69: probably don't want naked ass all over your apartment, huh?
jenny mooches: yeah then you can clean it!
jenny mooches: sigh. why is everyone talking about naked asses!
JShadez69: hmm
JShadez69: I'll be right back
Mister Gosling: because nick has a hot naked asss
Nick Is Chaste: she knows that.
Mister Gosling: okay AJ
PeachesMMCNikki: where is he going?
Beth is Rosie: nick does havea hot ass
Mister Gosling: ohh beth knows too??
Beth is Rosie: i have eyes!
JShadez69: i need some air. i smell something funny
Beth is Rosie: i see it
PeachesMMCNikki: alrighty
jenny mooches: I'm so confused
PeachesMMCNikki: so how was work today jenny?
Mister Gosling: oh well yeah
jenny mooches: *shrugs* horrible
Mister Gosling: i was talking about NAKED ass
PeachesMMCNikki: where's your puppy
jenny mooches: on my bed probably..
Mister Gosling: oh really..?
jenny mooches: ryan don't touch her
Mister Gosling: ha ha ha
jenny mooches: no really
Mister Gosling: yes yes
jenny mooches: *glares*
PeachesMMCNikki: she's a good pup
PeachesMMCNikki: he won't kill her... i think
Mister Gosling: -throws the dog out the window-
PeachesMMCNikki: haha!
Mister Gosling: so
PeachesMMCNikki: go pick her up!
JShadez69: *comes back in the room* ah, so what's going on now?
PeachesMMCNikki: ryan killed jen's dog!
jenny mooches: she just better be on the balcony or i'll beat your ass
JShadez69: um...what????
Mister Gosling: uhh
Mister Gosling: yes
Mister Gosling: okay
jenny mooches: GO GET HER ASS!
Mister Gosling: my head hurts
jenny mooches: *GLARES!*
Mister Gosling: *:-)*
Mister Gosling: you knowk
Mister Gosling: im sure it is fine
Mister Gosling: with all that fur
Mister Gosling: its like bubble wrap
jenny mooches: poor baby..
Mister Gosling: maybe britney caught it
PeachesMMCNikki: bubble wrap!
PeachesMMCNikki: ahaha
jenny mooches: yknow I bet she did
jenny mooches: she likes balconies
jenny mooches: brit I mean
JShadez69: ah, she gave a blowjob on the balcony, didn't she?
Mister Gosling: ahahaah
jenny mooches: I think so, yep
JShadez69: smooth
PeachesMMCNikki: what??
PeachesMMCNikki: hitler and ryan?
Mister Gosling: WOAH NOT ME
JShadez69: no the federline kid
PeachesMMCNikki: ooh
jenny mooches: there were pictures!
PeachesMMCNikki: is he here?
jenny mooches: nah
Mister Gosling: i don't mingle with that type
Mister Gosling: no but kim is, i saw her on the balcony too
PeachesMMCNikki: mingle... like tingle. funny
jenny mooches: Nicky I need some tequila. hook a girl up
Mister Gosling: i need
Mister Gosling: some bubble wrap
jenny mooches: you need to stay away from my poor dog
Nick Is Chaste: bubble wrap?
jenny mooches: TEQUILA
Mister Gosling: yeah to wrap jenny's dog in
Nick Is Chaste: i want to have sex in a whole thing of bubble wrap
Mister Gosling: oh fuck
Mister Gosling: me too
jenny mooches: maybe on the balcony
Mister Gosling: nahh
Mister Gosling: it'd be too loud
Mister Gosling: all that popping
jenny mooches: right, right
Nick Is Chaste: mmm earplugs
JShadez69: no you gotta be loud on a balcony
Mister Gosling: oh i mean everyone else would hear it
JShadez69: right
JShadez69: so?
Mister Gosling: i do'nt want people to her my sex with nick
jenny mooches: that'd be hot
Mister Gosling: then they'd KNOW
jenny mooches: so?
Nick Is Chaste: ryan, it's advertised in our info.
Mister Gosling: oh yeah
Mister Gosling: ahaha
Mister Gosling: well then
jenny mooches: my neighbors don't see your info!
Mister Gosling: lets have at it
Mister Gosling: i want my info on a billboard
Mister Gosling: along with that flag
Nick Is Chaste: mine is.
Mister Gosling: whats it say?
Mister Gosling: the billboard
jenny mooches: its his info..
Nick Is Chaste has left the room.
Mister Gosling: i'm so fucking cold
Mister Gosling: AHHH NICKK!
jenny mooches: go outside maybe
Mister Gosling: he probably just went to go get some bubble wrap. its okay
jenny mooches: ohhh, gotcha
Beth is Rosie: whoa.. i'm here
Beth is Rosie: damn beer
jenny mooches: beth don't fall off the balcony!
jenny mooches: britney and kim might not be able to catch you quick enough
PeachesMMCNikki: liz too!
PeachesMMCNikki: is she out there?
jenny mooches: Must be!
Mister Gosling: i didn't see her
jenny mooches: I don't see her in here
jenny mooches: maybe she's in the kitchen
Mister Gosling: in the kiiiitchenn
Beth is Rosie: you know.... orlando looks good as an elf
jenny mooches: I have an apartment full of people and i can't even find 'em all, geez
Nick Is Chaste has entered the room.
Mister Gosling: ahaha no one looks good as an elf
Nick Is Chaste: hmm that was fun
Nick Is Chaste: YES! Bubble Wrap, handcuffs, and duct tape
Mister Gosling: oh wait, will ferrell. he looks good as an elf
Mister Gosling: mmmm
Mister Gosling: whats the duct tape for?
jenny mooches: Nik did Tyler say he'd be by? I think he did
PeachesMMCNikki: he said
PeachesMMCNikki: if he could get a babysitter they would come
jenny mooches: ohh.. well I guess he did cause Lisha said she'd come.
jenny mooches: or she made him stay home. ha!
PeachesMMCNikki: ha
Mister Gosling: nikki
Nick Is Chaste: bondage
PeachesMMCNikki: ryan
Mister Gosling: can i throw you over the balcony?
PeachesMMCNikki: hmm
Mister Gosling: oh bondage is hottt
jenny mooches: maybe Matt will catch you at the bottom
PeachesMMCNikki: is there a balloon down there?
Mister Gosling: oh yes
jenny mooches: no just matt
PeachesMMCNikki: i would smoosh him
jenny mooches: nahhh he's a pretty big guy. tall and all that
Mister Gosling: no theres a whole fireteam with you know one of those catch things
Mister Gosling: can i?
jenny mooches: how'd you arrange that?
Mister Gosling: i ddin't, i just saw 'em
jenny mooches: weird
Mister Gosling: maybe aj called them
PeachesMMCNikki: called who
Mister Gosling: the fireteam
JShadez69: i did not
Mister Gosling: oh
Mister Gosling: well you smelled something burning and left real quick
Mister Gosling: i thought maybe it was to call them
jenny mooches: HAHAHAHHA oh god
PeachesMMCNikki: that would be funny
Mister Gosling: i wanna be a fireman
jenny mooches: OH
jenny mooches: a fireman lives downstairs!!!
jenny mooches: maybe they're his friends
PeachesMMCNikki: he does!
Mister Gosling: shit, for real??
jenny mooches: yeah!
Mister Gosling: i was just lying, i didn't see any fireteam
jenny mooches: well, he really does live downstairs
jenny mooches: he came up to fix something once
Mister Gosling: oh yeah? fix what?
jenny mooches: I don't remember
Mister Gosling: the squeak in your bed?
jenny mooches: nah, he caused that *winks*
PeachesMMCNikki: you went to his party
Mister Gosling: no nick did
jenny mooches: I went to firemans party??
PeachesMMCNikki: yes
PeachesMMCNikki: christmas I think
jenny mooches: Ohhhh I forgot that was his party
Beth is Rosie: i love christmas
PeachesMMCNikki: i think it was his
jenny mooches: I got super drunk at that party
PeachesMMCNikki: either that, or that's just where you met him
jenny mooches: oh maybe. I forget. I was REALLY drunk
Mister Gosling: i want an icee
Mister Gosling: even though im fucking COLD
jenny mooches: Trace came over to firemans and carried me home
jenny mooches: haha
PeachesMMCNikki: i remember talking to you after that
jenny mooches: while i was drunk? oh gosh
Nick Is Chaste: mmm drunk.
jenny mooches: mmm hell yes. that wasn't fun-drunk though
jenny mooches: it was stupid drunk
Mister Gosling: no such thing as stupid drunk jenny
Mister Gosling: all drunk is fun drunk
jenny mooches: no no this was STUPID
jenny mooches: i couldn't even stand up
JShadez69: oh i disagree
Mister Gosling: oh thats' right, dr phil is here
JShadez69: uh huh
jenny mooches: i slept in the bathtub so i could be nearer to the toilet. it was baaad
Mister Gosling: thats sick
Mister Gosling: This one time..i was drunk..and..
Mister Gosling: i threw a dog out a window
Mister Gosling: or something
PeachesMMCNikki: hahaha
Mister Gosling: i do'nt remember
jenny mooches: and then you got your balls chopped off
Mister Gosling: uh no, because they're still t here
jenny mooches: that hasn't happened in the story yet
jenny mooches: but it will
Mister Gosling: and it won't, bitch!
jenny mooches: i'm foreshadowing!
Mister Gosling: nope
jenny mooches: yep
Mister Gosling: what's that amy smart? jenny's dog is on fire?
jenny mooches: I didn't hear anything.
Mister Gosling: hear what
jenny mooches: AMY SMART!
jenny mooches: ugh.
Nick Is Chaste: Jenny needs to be on fire.
Mister Gosling: i agree
Beth is Rosie: young girl.. don't you cry.
Mister Gosling: i got a lighter..
Nick Is Chaste: i have fluid
Nick Is Chaste: ha.
jenny mooches: fine go for it.
jenny mooches: that'll be.. the highlight of my day
jenny mooches: in flaming glory
Mister Gosling: nick she's trying to make us feel bad about this
Nick Is Chaste: i know, i see that
jenny mooches: yup
PeachesMMCNikki: i don't wanna clean up the ashes
PeachesMMCNikki: can y'all do that outside
Nick Is Chaste: Then lets just light her dog on fire.
Nick Is Chaste: Like... Butterfly Effect
jenny mooches: NO!
Mister Gosling: i haven't seen that. the light a dog on fire?
Nick Is Chaste: Put it in a bag and light it on fire
jenny mooches: i swear if you touch my dog i'll kill you
Mister Gosling: oh, i just remembered. i have a problem with people who are cruel to animals...
jenny mooches: jerk!
Nick Is Chaste: But it's an exception with jenny
jenny mooches: y'all are so mean to me
Mister Gosling: well shes not an animal, but her dog is. so we'll have to burn her instead
PeachesMMCNikki: that is gonna smell so bad
Mister Gosling: she'll go up like a christmas tree
jenny mooches: too much holocaust reading for ryan
Mister Gosling: whaa
jenny mooches: burning people and whatno
jenny mooches: t
Mister Gosling: oh fuck
Mister Gosling: that sick
Mister Gosling: fine
Mister Gosling: no burning
jenny mooches: *smiles*
Beth is Rosie: what are we doing?
Mister Gosling: yeah yeah. so where's my icee?
jenny mooches: at the 7-11
Mister Gosling: daamn, how did it get there??
jenny mooches: walked I bet
Mister Gosling: my icee has legs?
Mister Gosling: i've got legs
jenny mooches: seems like
Mister Gosling: they're so fiiiiiiiiiiine
jenny mooches: hot legs!
Mister Gosling: ROD
jenny mooches: yah!
Nick Is Chaste: you have nice legs, ryan
Mister Gosling: thank you nick, so do you. wanna see them?
PeachesMMCNikki: Rod???
PeachesMMCNikki: as in our rod?
Beth is Rosie: hmmm rod
Beth is Rosie: ryan sing rod
PeachesMMCNikki: yes yes sing
PeachesMMCNikki: don't know that
Mister Gosling: its ROD SONG
Mister Gosling: maybe i sang it wrong
jenny mooches: do do do doooo do...
PeachesMMCNikki: oooh
PeachesMMCNikki: i know it!
PeachesMMCNikki: i forgot it was him!
PeachesMMCNikki: hahaha
Mister Gosling: ahaha! yeah man, its rod!
PeachesMMCNikki: it is!
PeachesMMCNikki: mmm him and his leather pants
Mister Gosling: ehhhhhhh
jenny mooches: he's such a weird little old man!
Mister Gosling: not his sexiest feature
PeachesMMCNikki: he is weird
Mister Gosling: okay here how about this one
Mister Gosling: hold on i gotta think for a second
PeachesMMCNikki: do maggie
Mister Gosling: oh i wasn't ready for maggie
PeachesMMCNikki: k gimme what you got
Mister Gosling: -sings real loud- YOU"RE IN MY HEEARRT YOU"RE IN MY SOUL YOU"LL BE MY BREATH SHOULDI GROW OLD. YOU ARE MY LOOoOooooOover you're my best fRIENDDD. you're in my soouuullll
jenny mooches: aawww sigh!
Mister Gosling: You're a rhapsodyyy a comedyy you're a symphony and a plaaaaaaaaaaay. you're every love song ever written, but honey what do you see in meeeee.
jenny mooches: I need a man like Rod
Mister Gosling: or maybe just a man to sing you some rod
Mister Gosling: just not me
jenny mooches: haa. that'll work
Mister Gosling: i have to piss
jenny mooches: you can use my bathroom yknow
jenny mooches: just don't rub your ass on anything!
Mister Gosling: oh can i? well thank you
jenny mooches: GOOD!

jenny mooches: dummm de dum dum
jenny mooches: where's my tequila?
jenny mooches: I bet Kim drank it all
Beth is Rosie: mmk
Mister Gosling: NIIKKIIIII
PeachesMMCNikki: RYAN!!
JShadez69: I want a cookie
jenny mooches: i have cookies!
JShadez69: what kind?
Mister Gosling: what kind??
JShadez69: NICE
Mister Gosling: VERY
PeachesMMCNikki: i can make cookies!
jenny mooches: I dunno!
JShadez69: Nikki
JShadez69: makes
Mister Gosling: YES lets MAKE cookies
JShadez69: EXCELLENT cookies
Mister Gosling: in jenny's kitchen
PeachesMMCNikki: Yay!
jenny mooches: y'all are gonna burn down the place yet
PeachesMMCNikki: you have your own personal fireman
jenny mooches: oh true!
Mister Gosling: i want a fireman
JShadez69: like ACTUALLY make cookies?
PeachesMMCNikki: haha I don't know
Mister Gosling: no lets just pretend
JShadez69: Ryan!
Mister Gosling: what
JShadez69: let's bite into a cookie and meet in the middle
Mister Gosling: we can't, not infront of nick..
JShadez69: oh i'm sorry
JShadez69: that was wrong of me
jenny mooches: *snorts* holy shit
Mister Gosling: yeah its okay. i think he's done for the night anyway. so he probably didn't hear you
JShadez69: oh right and probably my wife
JShadez69: no
JShadez69: shed like that
Mister Gosling: like what
JShadez69: to witness it
PeachesMMCNikki: ahem
JShadez69: hello gorgous
Mister Gosling: ohh i bet! who woudlnt
jenny mooches: me, ew
PeachesMMCNikki: you're lucky it's just ryan you're talking about
JShadez69: i know
PeachesMMCNikki: :-*
JShadez69: sexxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
JShadez69: y
JShadez69: ;-)
Mister Gosling: is anyone else feelin an orgy ?
Mister Gosling: or is it just me
PeachesMMCNikki: oooh yes
jenny mooches: um..
You have just entered room "accincodemayo."
Mister Gosling: woah
jenny mooches has entered the room.
jenny mooches: oops.
PeachesMMCNikki: double cliff!
Mister Gosling: ..orgy? did i miss it?
PeachesMMCNikki: nope
Mister Gosling: oh wait. you're too pregnant
Beth is Rosie: a, having ryans baby
Beth is Rosie: i'am*
PeachesMMCNikki: hey!
PeachesMMCNikki: i'm too pregnant to have sex?
Mister Gosling: you are??
JShadez69: can i laugh?
jenny mooches: i wanna have..
jenny mooches: oh wait
jenny mooches: nevermind
jenny mooches: *glares*
PeachesMMCNikki: I'm confused!
JShadez69: this is very amusing
Mister Gosling: you're too pregnant to have an orgy with me
Mister Gosling: and beth, what?
Beth is Rosie: yes i'm having his baby... and we're going to name it rod boy or girl.
PeachesMMCNikki: oh ok
JShadez69: I'd like to keep the nikki sex to myself anyway
Mister Gosling: this is my 2nd child..
Mister Gosling: i have too many
JShadez69: =-O
Mister Gosling: and its funny because i never remember the sex
Mister Gosling: just everyone tellin me about their babies
jenny mooches: that really sucks
Mister Gosling: i know
Mister Gosling: i can't afford it
jenny mooches: haha your apartment suxorz
jerky my kirky has entered the room.
jenny mooches: Chris, woohoo!
jerky my kirky: woo chris
Mister Gosling: whats this got to do with my apartement??
Mister Gosling: hey chris
jenny mooches: I was just remembring how ugly and gross it was
jenny mooches: and how everyone loved it and thought it was fancy
Mister Gosling: Ahaha...
PeachesMMCNikki: I'm slow... woo chris
Mister Gosling: it's georges apartment. i just live in it
jenny mooches: oh
jerky my kirky: i've had shitty apartments
jenny mooches: Mine is lovely, and I'd like to keep it that way, AHEM, pyromaniacs
jerky my kirky: *perks up* i like fire
jenny mooches: oh nooo!
Mister Gosling: hell yess! CHRIS. WANNA LIGHT THINGS ON FIRE?
jerky my kirky: YES LET'S
jenny mooches: OUTSIDE!!
Beth is Rosie: i think i'm going to go to bed,
jenny mooches: not in here!
Mister Gosling: Goodnight beth
Beth is Rosie: night guys have fun!
Mister Gosling: ITS NO FUN OUTSIDE
Beth is Rosie has left the room.
PeachesMMCNikki: are those girls still outside?
jenny mooches: yeah probably
jenny mooches: britney and kim
PeachesMMCNikki: and liz
jenny mooches: I think Kim's coming in soon
PeachesMMCNikki: where is amy?
Mister Gosling: passed out
JShadez69: who is amy?
jerky my kirky: outside is lame
jenny mooches: I'm not sure! who did we say was in the kitchen?
PeachesMMCNikki: smart
JShadez69: oh
JShadez69: right!
jenny mooches: outside is SAFE
PeachesMMCNikki: she can make us cookies
JShadez69: i could make us cookies
PeachesMMCNikki: she's making real ones
JShadez69: oh
JShadez69: yeah i wouldn't do that
Mister Gosling: what kind do you make then?
PeachesMMCNikki: playdough
JShadez69: well ryan...
Mister Gosling: you play with playdough?
JShadez69: yes
JShadez69: playdough
PeachesMMCNikki: yes
JShadez69: apparently so
jenny mooches: I thnk you're lying
JShadez69: have you tasted playdough?
Mister Gosling: playdough is very salty
PeachesMMCNikki: where is that dog again?
jenny mooches: she BETTER be inside
PeachesMMCNikki: bubble wrapped?
jenny mooches: no!
Nick Is Chaste: mmm bubble wrap
Mister Gosling: i want some playdough
PeachesMMCNikki: i like to pop bubble wrap
jenny mooches: yes lets have some "playdough"
PeachesMMCNikki: =-O
Mister Gosling: yeah thats right. i said it
Nick Is Chaste: MONKEY?
PeachesMMCNikki: Ryan!
jenny mooches: dinosaur
Mister Gosling: no they can't have monkey, monkey is OURS
JShadez69: those were good tiems
PeachesMMCNikki: that wasn't for sex anyway
PeachesMMCNikki: where they?
JShadez69: no
Mister Gosling: you never told me
JShadez69: i don't know why we were doing that
PeachesMMCNikki: me either
Mister Gosling: you just lied like you always do
JShadez69: no seriously
PeachesMMCNikki: who lies!
Mister Gosling: you
Mister Gosling: nikki
PeachesMMCNikki: no
JShadez69: i have no idea why we were doing that
Mister Gosling: you lie
Mister Gosling: yes
PeachesMMCNikki: i do not
PeachesMMCNikki: i forgot why we did that
Mister Gosling: shut up you just lied about playdough
PeachesMMCNikki: i did not
PeachesMMCNikki: that much
Mister Gosling: LIAR
Mister Gosling: yo'ure doing it again
PeachesMMCNikki: >:o
JShadez69: whoa killer
PeachesMMCNikki: you don't want to know they truth
PeachesMMCNikki: so shut it ... you'd yell at me for that too
Mister Gosling: doesn't mean you're not lying and lying about lying
PeachesMMCNikki: I LIED
Mister Gosling: thank you
Nick Is Chaste has left the room.
Mister Gosling: next time jus tell me i dont want to know
PeachesMMCNikki: mkay
Mister Gosling: okay deal
PeachesMMCNikki: fuck you're gonna post this aren't you?!
jenny mooches: okay but now i wanna nkow what you're talking about
JShadez69: what the hell is going on??
PeachesMMCNikki: no clue
jenny mooches: i'll recap
jenny mooches: nikki made up something about playdough
jenny mooches: we're finding out what she's really talking about
PeachesMMCNikki: oh god... get over that! I lied
jenny mooches: the end
JShadez69: alright, can we let that go?
Mister Gosling: where's chris at? he seems more sane
jerky my kirky: ...chris is more sane?
jenny mooches: i'm totally not ready to let it go
jenny mooches: but whatever
jenny mooches: weird
PeachesMMCNikki: alright jen I'll tell you
jenny mooches: okay!
PeachesMMCNikki: <---
jenny mooches: okay!
Mister Gosling: uh
JShadez69: do do do do do
Mister Gosling: aj make cookies with me
JShadez69: ok!
Mister Gosling: sex cookies?
JShadez69: sex cookies?
jenny mooches: oooh
jenny mooches: where?
PeachesMMCNikki: geez y'all
Mister Gosling: yes, lets to make sex cookies
Mister Gosling: not you nikki you're too fat
JShadez69: holy shit
PeachesMMCNikki: :-(
JShadez69: Nik, you're gorgous
PeachesMMCNikki: and fat. it's okay.
JShadez69: no it's not fuckin' ok
PeachesMMCNikki: so anyway!
JShadez69: I tell you all the time you're not fat. first off all, you haven't gained much, and um you have a bump. makes you pregnant
PeachesMMCNikki: I know. it's okay. he's an ass and just says stupid things. I can take it. I'm grrr tuff
Mister Gosling: you're talking about fat people like its a bag thing.
Mister Gosling: damn.
JShadez69: i just don't like to call her fat. it's a baby
jenny mooches: oookay. i need a drink
Mister Gosling: I
Mister Gosling: do not
jenny mooches: haha agreed.
jenny mooches: kim and I are gonna make pina coladas!! anyone want one? virgin? extra strong? extra pineapply? name it
Mister Gosling: ooo extra pineapply
jenny mooches: i'm onnnn it
JShadez69: I'm cool, thanks
jenny mooches: *goes to the kitchen with kim and makes drinks*
Mister Gosling: i'm really tired
PeachesMMCNikki: me too
jenny mooches: *comes back out, hands ryan a drink*
jenny mooches: y'all aren't leaving me are you?
Mister Gosling: ooh can i share it with vickyy?
jenny mooches: nooooo
Mister Gosling: fine.
jenny mooches: good good
Mister Gosling: how am i getting home?
jenny mooches: i dunno..
jenny mooches: you can stay
Mister Gosling: eeeeeeeh
jenny mooches: psh!!
jenny mooches: someone should stay...
PeachesMMCNikki: why should someone stay
jenny mooches: cause..
jenny mooches: i said so
Mister Gosling: no you dont want me to stay. this is my anniversary day. me and the lady need to get back home !
jenny mooches: haha don't make me spit out pina colada on the floor
Mister Gosling: what!
jenny mooches: I dunno that was funny
PeachesMMCNikki: it was funny
Amy blonde Smart has entered the room.
Mister Gosling: how was it funny??
jenny mooches: you're all "me an the lady"
Amy blonde Smart: Ha woah I am late.
jenny mooches: hi amy!
PeachesMMCNikki: yeah that was the funny part
Mister Gosling: what should i have said
Amy blonde Smart: Hey everyone
Mister Gosling: ahhahaha
jenny mooches: I dunno
Mister Gosling: i was talking to you. i guess i wasn't really
jenny mooches: I told you I didn't hear her talking
jenny mooches: idiot
Amy blonde Smart: Haha
Amy blonde Smart: Ryan stop drinking
Mister Gosling: AMY SMART you stop drinking!
Amy blonde Smart: I told you it makes you more crazy than you already are
Amy blonde Smart: I stopped drinking for BERT!
Mister Gosling: AHAH oh amy
Mister Gosling: beth said she's having my baby
jerky my kirky has left the room.
Amy blonde Smart: What!? Psh she better step down
Amy blonde Smart: I am already you baby's momma.
Amy blonde Smart: Well, phone baby's momma.
Mister Gosling: i don't know what shes' saying because her and i never had the sex
Amy blonde Smart: I am druk
jenny mooches: hi keri.
Amy blonde Smart: forget everything I said.
jenny mooches: -.
Amy blonde Smart: Hi Keri who we don't see.
Mister Gosling: she's on the phoone duh
Amy blonde Smart: Oh, where is she?
Mister Gosling: new york
Mister Gosling: i think
Mister Gosling: or the closet maybe
jenny mooches: eeeep
Mister Gosling: her voice seems muffled, probably the closet
jenny mooches: noooo
Amy blonde Smart: the closet, that is a strange place to be. hmm
Mister Gosling: i want to be in the closet
Mister Gosling: ahaha RON.
Mister Gosling: I WANT TO BE OOON YOU
Amy blonde Smart: haha, god you are drunk
jenny mooches: why d you like RO names so much?
Mister Gosling: my name is royan
jenny mooches: AHAHAHA
jenny mooches: oh
Mister Gosling: SAY MY NAME
jenny mooches: ROYAN!
Mister Gosling: YES
Mister Gosling: YES ROYAN
jenny mooches: We sound.. australian?
jenny mooches: or something
Mister Gosling: ooo l like australians
jenny mooches: nice
jenny mooches: me too
jenny mooches: keith urban
jenny mooches: mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
Amy blonde Smart: Australians in the outback
Mister Gosling: gday mate
Mister Gosling: thats all the australian that i know
PeachesMMCNikki: i fell asleep... i'm gonna go home. and sleep in my bed.
jenny mooches: *frown frown*

Amy blonde Smart: They have kangaroos and kolas there
Mister Gosling: GNIGHT NIKKAY.
PeachesMMCNikki: gnight royan
PeachesMMCNikki: night Jen.
jenny mooches: night..
PeachesMMCNikki: night AMy
PeachesMMCNikki has left the room.
jenny mooches: hahahaa
Mister Gosling: I'll cry
Mister Gosling: a steam of rivers
Amy blonde Smart: ahaha
Mister Gosling: tears
jenny mooches: sigh.
JShadez69: fuck
JShadez69: i'm sorry
JShadez69: I must say, i like the McPhil
Mister Gosling: it's okayy!
Mister Gosling: i like it too
Mister Gosling: ahha
jenny mooches: its like macbeth
jenny mooches: only.. not
JShadez69: call me that when we make sweet sweet love
Amy blonde Smart: McPhil?
JShadez69: oh that's hot
Amy blonde Smart: Where did that come from?
Mister Gosling: he was on dr phil today amy
JShadez69: I was, it's true
Amy blonde Smart: Oh shit, props.
Mister Gosling: that makes him MCPhil
Amy blonde Smart: Haha, I see. What did you say on Dr. Phil?
JShadez69: nice, well done
JShadez69: i said
Mister Gosling: he said everything you always deny amy samrt
JShadez69: "hi, i snorted coke and got drunk all the live long day"
Mister Gosling: that too
JShadez69: right
JShadez69: also
JShadez69: I'm proud to say i got the word "sex" in
JShadez69: so that's always a plus
Amy blonde Smart: What? What do I alwaysd deny Ryan fucking Gosling?
jenny mooches: what'd you say about sex?
Mister Gosling: that drinking solves your problems
JShadez69: i said that A.J was the part of me that was all sex, drugs, and rock and roll
jenny mooches: but sex is good
Amy blonde Smart: I see.
JShadez69: it's so true
jenny mooches: well you said it
JShadez69: all of you guys should call me Alex from now on
JShadez69: starting....
JShadez69: NOW
Mister Gosling: no i want to call you mcphil
jenny mooches: um no
JShadez69: ryan may do that
JShadez69: jenny call me alex
JShadez69: do it
JShadez69: try it
Mister Gosling: sweeet
jenny mooches: no
JShadez69: test it out
JShadez69: see how it feels
jenny mooches: noooo
Amy blonde Smart: I like AJ
jenny mooches: come up with something else
JShadez69: we all love aj
JShadez69: i know i do
JShadez69: i'd fuck him
jenny mooches: hahaha oh my
JShadez69: he's one hot fuck
Mister Gosling: i'd fuck royan
JShadez69: i have
Amy blonde Smart: haha, I think there is a list of girls and guys that fuck aj and royan
JShadez69: no bad
jenny mooches: royan and aj should fuck
Mister Gosling: oh fuck yes
JShadez69: royan and aj have
jenny mooches: we still have the bubblewrap
Mister Gosling: they have it on video
JShadez69: royan likes to receive
Mister Gosling: they taped over the company with it
jenny mooches: ohhh my
jenny mooches: TMI!
JShadez69: hey
JShadez69: we're all friends here
JShadez69: honestly
JShadez69: who HASN'T fucked royan?
jenny mooches: doesn't mean i wanna see anyone take it up the as
JShadez69: exactly
jenny mooches: s
JShadez69: thanks
JShadez69: ASS
JShadez69: what????
JShadez69: no royan has a vag
jenny mooches: oh..
Mister Gosling: are you calling ROYAN A SLUT
jenny mooches: interesting
JShadez69: Royan is so slutty
Amy blonde Smart: hey being a slut is not bad
jenny mooches: Royan, can i exchange my peen for a vag?
JShadez69: i can taste the sluttiness that is royan in my mouth right now
Amy blonde Smart: a virgin slut is the best
JShadez69: tastes like...
Mister Gosling: how do i taste?
JShadez69: chicken
Amy blonde Smart: Ewww
jenny mooches: ewww
Mister Gosling: buti don't eat chicken
JShadez69: yes, like chicken
jenny mooches: ahahah virgin slut
JShadez69: then you should probably get that checked out
Amy blonde Smart: haha I am a virgin slut and proud of it.
JShadez69: Amy
Amy blonde Smart: maybe tuna be better
JShadez69: don't lie
Mister Gosling: amy you are not a virgin
JShadez69: Amy is the biggest nonvirgin
Mister Gosling: oh don't i know it
JShadez69: I support virgin rights
JShadez69: do you?
jenny mooches: haha whoa
Mister Gosling: royan has sex with eveyrone
jenny mooches: someone tastes like tuna?!
JShadez69: Royan
JShadez69: oh sigh
Mister Gosling: your peen smells like tuna
JShadez69: jenny's?
jenny mooches: get away from my peen
Mister Gosling: yeah
Mister Gosling: the dog told me
JShadez69: my smells like heaven
Mister Gosling: the dog KNOWS
Mister Gosling: tuna and peanutbutter
jenny mooches: eeeewww
jenny mooches: royan, I do bathe
Amy blonde Smart: that is a bad combo
JShadez69: i have to go make an adjustment to my profile
jenny mooches: uh.. hurry back!
Mister Gosling: billboard?
Amy blonde Smart: Now I am thinking of tuna and chicken
JShadez69: done
JShadez69: i guarentee you'll never figure out what it is
jenny mooches: i'm lost
JShadez69: what i did to my user profile
JShadez69: you'll never figure it out
Amy blonde Smart: where did royan go?
Mister Gosling: under the couch
Mister Gosling: shhhhhh
JShadez69: well
JShadez69: i've clearly gone crazy
jenny mooches: oh
Amy blonde Smart: what is he doing under the couch?
JShadez69: i'm going to go pass out
JShadez69: sober
jenny mooches: nooo
Mister Gosling: idont know what he's doing there
JShadez69: I need to
Mister Gosling: ask him
jenny mooches: nooooooooooo
JShadez69: I NEED TO
jenny mooches: sigh.
jenny mooches: i gueesssss
JShadez69: i have
JShadez69: i'm completely nuts
jenny mooches: okay.
JShadez69: check my user profile
Mister Gosling: OKAY
JShadez69: run the mouse over your picture
jenny mooches: interesting
jenny mooches: sniffle. night.. ALEX
jenny mooches: :-(
Mister Gosling: ahahah
JShadez69: you called me alex
jenny mooches: i tried it out
JShadez69: wht'd you think?
jenny mooches: eh
JShadez69: same
JShadez69: don't do that
jenny mooches: k
JShadez69: thanks
JShadez69: nice workin' with ya
jenny mooches: i didn't WANNA
jenny mooches: you made me
JShadez69: jenny
jenny mooches: hm
JShadez69: i do not MAKE anyone do anything
jenny mooches: pshhh
jenny mooches: you did
JShadez69: you did it at your own free will
jenny mooches: sumbliminally
JShadez69: no
jenny mooches: yes
JShadez69: no
jenny mooches: yes
JShadez69: no
jenny mooches: yes
JShadez69: no
jenny mooches: yes
JShadez69: no
jenny mooches: yes
JShadez69: no
jenny mooches: yes
Mister Gosling: im gonna have to agree with mcphil on this one
JShadez69: no
jenny mooches: yes
JShadez69: no
JShadez69: your turn
jenny mooches: yes
jenny mooches: motherfuck
JShadez69: haha
JShadez69: WHOA
jenny mooches: what!
JShadez69: those words are not needed!!!
jenny mooches: I'm not having a good day!!!
JShadez69: my heart is broken
jenny mooches: yeah so's mine, yipeee!
JShadez69: i have some superglue
JShadez69: you want?
jenny mooches: hook me up!
JShadez69: *tosses her superglue*
jenny mooches: aw thanks
JShadez69: no problem
JShadez69: now i'm going to bed
JShadez69: peace kids
jenny mooches: okayyy :-(
jenny mooches: night
JShadez69: night
JShadez69 has left the room.
Mister Gosling: okay. the lady and i are out. GREAT PARTY JENNY. GOODNIGHT AMY SMARTSSSSSSS
jenny mooches: suuuure
jenny mooches: niiight..
Mister Gosling: amy stay with jenny and have hot lesbo sex with her okay. okay. !
jenny mooches: haha nice
Amy blonde Smart: haha what
Mister Gosling: i know you do that kinda thing
Mister Gosling: so get to it
Amy blonde Smart: Psh stop your kinky fantasies of me
Amy blonde Smart: Goodnight Ryan Gosling
Mister Gosling: Aha
jenny mooches: hahaha oh my
jenny mooches: go home now royan
Mister Gosling: ROYAN, out.
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