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Let's Get High...

JayLaffs: I need drugs
love sophia b: I can get you some black market crack.
JayLaffs: -laughs-
JayLaffs: promise?
love sophia b: Maybe
JayLaffs: so I can get high
love sophia b: High on life
JayLaffs: do I snort that?
love sophia b: ohmygosh. I think I peed a little
JayLaffs: -laughs-
love sophia b: Thats funny
JayLaffs: it's funnier that you said you think you peed a little

I just realized...she never answered...So...Sophia, can I snort it or not?

JayLaffs: damn Hils kissed 100% of the guys in this room
liv is wilde: :*
OTH Hilarie B: hi i feel like a slut
JayLaffs: -laughs-
oth chad michael: Exactly 100% actually.
liv is wilde: I've kissed, Keira, Chad & Hilarie. Thats all!
OTH Hilarie B: the only person in this room ihaven't kissed is keira
oth chad michael: Huh what? Oooh.
JayLaffs: damn I feel left out Olivia
liv is wilde: hahaha!
liv is wilde: one day james, one day!
JayLaffs: Ok...I'll take that as a promise
Knighted Keira: Hahah. I haven't kissed James or Hilarie.
liv is wilde: Hilarie has really soft lips!
Knighted Keira: Oh Liv, I remember kissing you like it was yesterday, siiigh.
oth chad michael: Uh...
liv is wilde: I know! We need to do it again!
liv is wilde: i mean, what?
JayLaffs: yeah...hils is a decent kisser...

JayLaffs: ooh boy this brings me back to when we did commentary
Knighted Keira: it was one time, and we did it to make adam all hot and shit i think.
oth chad michael: ahahahahaha!
OTH Hilarie B: *laughs*
JayLaffs: two completely seperate conversations going...pretty well unaware of the other...
OTH Hilarie B: I love how they're ignoring us
OTH Hilarie B: yuppp
OTH Hilarie B: exactly
oth chad michael: Oh yeah, seriously.
JayLaffs: yup...but last time it was me and Chad talking
JayLaffs: about basketball
JayLaffs: and the girls were talking about...
Knighted Keira: SHOES
JayLaffs: what the hell were you guys talking about?
Knighted Keira: just kidding
oth chad michael: Yes, and what guy could do what. hahah
OTH Hilarie B: psh i don't remember
oth chad michael: Shoes? I hste shoes.
JayLaffs: Yes! cause that one guy could jump!
Knighted Keira: i'm listening to sum 41.
oth chad michael: YEAH!
JayLaffs: You guys were busy checking out Chad's ass
JayLaffs: He was AMAZING...damn if I could jump like him...
Knighted Keira: pft. don;t have to give away my secret james GOSH
JayLaffs: hell I'd be pro...
oth chad michael: As a kid was a skid and no one knew me by name, crashed my own house party cause nobody came.
JayLaffs: -laughs- sooorrry Miss K.
oth chad michael: =-O
Knighted Keira: psh. i'm allowed anyways. hahah YOU KNEW THAT.
oth chad michael: James... is there something you need to share with us?
JayLaffs: yes
Knighted Keira: no.
JayLaffs: I have a man crush on that guy...
oth chad michael: Have you been checking my ass out?
Knighted Keira: yes i mean no
OTH Hilarie B: he does like everyday
oth chad michael: Oh. well, that works just as well.
OTH Hilarie B: hes always like "damn hil chad's ass is hot"
JayLaffs: shhh hils!
oth chad michael: =-O=-O=-O
JayLaffs: I didn't say THAT
JayLaffs: -loudly whispers- I said I'd like to tap that ass...
Knighted Keira: :O
JayLaffs: -laughs-
oth chad michael: =-O Stttttoooop
Knighted Keira: sorry. i totally have a claim on that.
oth chad michael: She does.
JayLaffs: Damn you do?
Knighted Keira: Duh!
oth chad michael: Too late buddy.
JayLaffs: well one can only dream
oth chad michael: Yes, happy dreaming.
OTH Hilarie B: its ok you can tap bryan's ass if I can tap eva's *laughs*
JayLaffs: thank you
oth chad michael: Welcome.
JayLaffs: ummm good luck with all your female parts
oth chad michael: hahahahahaha
oth chad michael: I'm hungry.
JayLaffs: talkin bout tapping people's asses makes you hungry?
JayLaffs: good to know
Knighted Keira: lmao!
Knighted Keira: Chad is always hungry. Gosh. Didnt you know that?
oth chad michael: Um, no. Shut up.
JayLaffs: -laughs-
oth chad michael: Yeah, I'm always hungry. Geez.
JayLaffs: sure
oth chad michael: Whatever.
JayLaffs: whatever you say hubby
oth chad michael: Pfft. Take your ring back, NOW!
Knighted Keira: Pft! You so told me to shut up, and you know that rule, if you tell me to shut up you have to make me so HA
OTH Hilarie B has left the room.
oth chad michael: I didn't tell you to shut up!
JayLaffs: what?? I'm going to cry
oth chad michael: And um, that was a rule?
Knighted Keira: haha i thought you did!
JayLaffs: I just got dumped...
oth chad michael: You did. Burrrrrrn.
Knighted Keira: totazlly.
JayLaffs: I'm going to cry or die
oth chad michael: Hm, reresh my memory.
oth chad michael: *refresh
JayLaffs: scooby doo...
oth chad michael: Don't die! I need my job!
JayLaffs: you DUMPED me
oth chad michael: Scooby doo?
oth chad michael: Oh yeah.
JayLaffs: reresh
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