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Popcorn and ass, the classic combination.

BabieCakesJosie: Heck yeah
JuliaXstyles: Hells yeah!
JuliaXstyles: Okay then, fur real, we be ridin' on duh-bs with pink umbrel-las.
JuliaXstyles: We be street yo.
BabieCakesJosie: *laughs* Fo sho
JuliaXstyles: We da koolest people in the world, fo sho.
JuliaXstyles: So, lets go pop a cap in someone's ass.
BabieCakesJosie: Haha straight hood..shit
JuliaXstyles: Wait, doesn't a gun go "bang" not "pop"...?
JuliaXstyles: It sounds like we'd be making popcorn...with someone's ass, or popcorn in your ass, or ass in your popcorn...
BabieCakesJosie: Your right!
JuliaXstyles: Nevermind, I've eaten popcorn made by people that smell like ass, if you think about it, it works.
BabieCakesJosie: *crackes up*
JuliaXstyles: It's the voice of reason or something, people and ass, it works!
BabieCakesJosie: It really does... : ]
JuliaXstyles: Wait. Weren't we talking about guns?
JuliaXstyles: *sobs* I get so confused!
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