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On Aliens....

Josh had recently been bumped from the chat due to computer issues. Conversation had already touched on aliens and smurfs and Josh's sudden disappearence from chat was blamed on alien abduction.

emseegregor: ......I may taste like Skittles.
justkikid: yes you are magic Ewan.
emseegregor: People always assumed I were fruity.
JuliaXstyles: Because you grow....or something.
emseegregor: Aw, thank you Kirsten.
emseegregor: <3
JuliaXstyles: Like a monkey.
emseegregor: I'm a monkey now?!
JuliaXstyles: Are you?
emseegregor: I do like Bannanas.
HwkboyChris: You taste like Skittles?
HwkboyChris: hott.
emseegregor: :laughs: Wanna lick me?
HwkboyChris: and taste your rainbow?
NeveC103: EWWIE.
JuliaXstyles: *laughs*
emseegregor: Oh Baby yesh!
justkikid: that is wicked
emseegregor: :laughs:
NeveC103: There will be no lickin's!
HwkboyChris: I'll melt in your mouth and not in your hands. *winks*
justkikid: Pimp cane thwacking?
NeveC103: Heh. Unlike that icon.
emseegregor: Kirsten don't look!
JuliaXstyles: OH MY.
HwkboyChris: *faints*
emseegregor: O_O! You ok Juli----CHRIS
emseegregor: ::fans him::
HwkboyChris: *wakes up* Oh...oh Ewan.... *swoons*
emseegregor: Did yehs see the Aliens??? DID I MISS THEM??? WHAT HAPPENED!
justkikid: why shouldn't I look?
JuliaXstyles: bad, bad, bad.
NeveC103: That's how Daddy seduced Mommy.
HwkboyChris: No Neve they got you!!!!!
emseegregor: O_o @ Nevvie and pokes her::
HwkboyChris: The Yeerks go into your brains...
HwkboyChris: and they CONTROL YOU.
emseegregor: And exactly what Mums said, yeh shouldn't look cause it's ment fer well...not baby Kirstens. :Laughs:
NeveC103: ::raises her hand and makes a V like the Vulcans did on Star Trek::
emseegregor: :holds back a huge laughter and does it back:
JuliaXstyles has left the room.
HwkboyChris: *Vulcan sign* Peace!
HwkboyChris: oh dear...we lost Julia....
justkikid: Oh Julia's been kidnapped now as well.
JuliaXstyles has entered the room.
justkikid: She's back!
NeveC103: made Julia do that.
emseegregor: ......O_O
NeveC103: Alien brain.
HwkboyChris: JULIA!!!!!
emseegregor: How do we KNOW that's really Julia?!
JuliaXstyles: Hi.
HwkboyChris: You're safe!!!
justkikid: Josh is still not getting his computer to connect!
emseegregor: It could be....ALIEN JULIA
JuliaXstyles: Um...?
JuliaXstyles: No.
emseegregor: Aw, Matty <3
justkikid: Podperson Julia.
JuliaXstyles: It's the real Julia.
emseegregor: .......How do we know.
emseegregor: What rank are you?!
HwkboyChris: stupid computer...*kicks it*
justkikid: Yes how do we know?
JuliaXstyles: I don't know.
emseegregor: .....SHES A POD!
JuliaXstyles: Right, I am.
emseegregor: Aw, Julia, Yer #1 Wifey remember?
NeveC103: She is a pod.
NeveC103: Come to our side, Ewwie.
JuliaXstyles: Sorry, but the real Julia was far too boring.
emseegregor: Don't yeh KNOW WHO YOU ARE! :dramatic voice:
JuliaXstyles: I'm here to entertain you.
NeveC103: We are more fun.
emseegregor: ......Ut........Hmmmm.....
emseegregor: ::listens to Nevvie and crosses over::
HwkboyChris: I'll have to tell Aaron you were taken by them.... We'll liberate you ...don't wory.
NeveC103:lightly whacks Ewan on the head::
JuliaXstyles: Okay.
emseegregor: ::pouty face at the whack:: Owie.....
HwkboyChris: then again...being half alien...
HwkboyChris: I think it's kinda fun....
justkikid: Actually you are right Chris!
justkikid: Aliens are love.
HwkboyChris: yes...exactly...
justkikid: Remember Roswell. Cute aliens there and they came out of pods.
emseegregor: ......So I'm an alien now too. Fuck me mates, I swear I lived near a Nucluar plant or some shite.
NeveC103: Aliens... are love. Yes.
emseegregor: Signs.....
emseegregor: They were bad.....
HwkboyChris: Like I said...half alien. *nods* My daddy was a blue alien. My mommy was human...I guess...or so it says in the books.
HwkboyChris: Ewan, they were hungry. They just wanted food and were misunderstood.
emseegregor: ....Yer Daddy were a Smurf Alien!
emseegregor: ...True.
NeveC103: Your daddy was Lex Luthor!
emseegregor: How do I get to be an Alien???
HwkboyChris: daddy was called an andalite.
JuliaXstyles: Oh, my, scandal!
justkikid: Oh my gawd that's so true! Smurfs are aliens!
HwkboyChris: I'll find a picture....
HwkboyChris: and he can MORPH into Lex Luther.
JuliaXstyles: Wooot!
emseegregor: THEY ARE.
JuliaXstyles: Amazing.
NeveC103: .... I'm not drunk enough for this.
emseegregor: See me Baby girl understands.
JuliaXstyles: She's so smart.
emseegregor: ....That looks oddly sexual.
HwkboyChris: That's what my daddy was on Animorphs...
emseegregor: She is.
HwkboyChris: and they morph into people
JuliaXstyles: It does.
HwkboyChris: or can
emseegregor: It does. :nods:
JuliaXstyles: I'm tired.
HwkboyChris: ah...yeah, same.
justkikid: I think Josh will not return. He has to go to work.
JuliaXstyles: I have an spaceship to return to tomorrow morning.
HwkboyChris: alright....
HwkboyChris: send him my love cause we're off to see Ian today and then going to Canada and what not.
emseegregor: ...I'm horny, tired, hungy, thirsty, an alien, smurf breeder, incentual, drunk, feelin' high, ....list goes on. :nods:
NeveC103: I think I am going to go sleep this all off.

So we said our goodnights.
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