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JuliaXstyles: Would you let me throw rocks at you?
scream4Liev: no
JuliaXstyles: Damn.
JuliaXstyles: Miss Hilton you must be worth a trillion buckssssss.
JuliaXstyles: Which is like, a lot of deer.
JuliaXstyles: Fawn. Doe. La. Me. So. Faaaaaaa.
scream4Liev: have you been hitting the pipe again?
JuliaXstyles: If the answer is no!!!! *claps* Knock three times on the ceiling if you want me, oooohhhhh, twice on THE PIPE!!! Ahha.
scream4Liev: you've lost it
JuliaXstyles: No, they are song lyrics. From the 70's I think... don't you ever watch VH1?
scream4Liev: i am now
JuliaXstyles: I know, I'm right outside your windooooow.
scream4Liev: eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeek!
JuliaXstyles: ...you should put on some clothes.
scream4Liev: why?
JuliaXstyles: Ummm. Nevermind Liev.
scream4Liev: i like naked
JuliaXstyles: You could be a naked monk....
scream4Liev: but i'm jewish
JuliaXstyles: We could figure something out.
scream4Liev: a naked rabbi?
JuliaXstyles: Perhaps.
scream4Liev: how about a naked actor?
JuliaXstyles: a porn starrrrr?
scream4Liev: i'm well hung, why not?
JuliaXstyles: LIKE A DONKEY.
JuliaXstyles: Ew.
JuliaXstyles: I think I just threw up in my mouth a little...
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