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It's over. I took her virginity. SUCKAS. You ALL GOT SERVED.

BriBroksback: you suggested I take your pirate costume off of you!=-O
Adoring Alba: Oh psh, you know you would want to.
BriBroksback: :-[ umm maayybee, maybe not
ashleyinyoureyes: haha we'll just go buy that hotter one for all of us mhmm
ashleyinyoureyes: Love Pirates and all, we each need one me says
Adoring Alba: Psh Brian, if you don't wanna take it off, I'll have someone else do it :-P
ashleyinyoureyes: like MEEEEEEEEE
Adoring Alba: We need like.. jerseys or something
BriBroksback: =-O fine then! GO have someone else do it!
BriBroksback: see if I care
BriBroksback: hmph!
Adoring Alba: FINE THEN
Adoring Alba: Ashley, come over here and take off my clothes
ashleyinyoureyes: no we need sexy skimpy outfists to distract the boys with
ashleyinyoureyes: oh yeah *pounce*
Adoring Alba: WOO
Adoring Alba: *is pounced*
ashleyinyoureyes: *rips clothes off*
ashleyinyoureyes: *ravages*
BriBroksback: =-O
BriBroksback: covers eyes*
Adoring Alba: MMMM *is ravaged and stripped*
ashleyinyoureyes: umm
ashleyinyoureyes: *is a virgin!*
ashleyinyoureyes: um
ashleyinyoureyes: *does the naughty things*
BriBroksback: *covers eyes!!!!!!!!!!!!*
Adoring Alba: WOOOOO
ashleyinyoureyes: *takes you on the bed*
ashleyinyoureyes: *takes you ont eh floor*
ashleyinyoureyes: *takes you in the pool*
Adoring Alba: OH MY GOSH ASH
ashleyinyoureyes: *takes you ...on the top of the escalade*
Adoring Alba: GIVE IT TO ME
ashleyinyoureyes: *GIVES IT TO YOU*
Adoring Alba: *TAKES IT*
Adoring Alba: fklsdgjhsjfdklg
ashleyinyoureyes: oh yeah eihaoeirhbpaoiehrb
Adoring Alba: oh yeah baby mmmmmmmmm fjdshafjkdsfg

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