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Ryan Gosling

It took me a really long time to decide where to post this

PeachesMMCNikki: ok so you won't remember this but
Mister Gosling: i might
PeachesMMCNikki: you played DOLLAR STORE in an MMC skit! holy shit it was funny because it's like foreshadowing or something!
Mister Gosling: wait
Mister Gosling: i did what?!
Mister Gosling: i worked IN a dollar store??
PeachesMMCNikki: YOU played MAC -DOLLAR STORE!
Mister Gosling: =-O=-O=-O
Mister Gosling: NO FUCKING WAY!!!!!!
PeachesMMCNikki: the funniest part was that the skit was about you raising money for a date with Christina!!! and you did an impression of MAC holy shit so funny
Mister Gosling: i did an impression of what?
PeachesMMCNikki: you were playing this kid named frank
PeachesMMCNikki: who was doing a telethon to raise money for a date with christina
Mister Gosling: Ahaha
PeachesMMCNikki: and one of things you did to raise money was an impression of dollar store
PeachesMMCNikki: dollar
PeachesMMCNikki: I can't explain it
Mister Gosling: i did an impression of the home alone kid?? is that what you're saying?
PeachesMMCNikki: yes~!
Mister Gosling: ahahhaha!!!!!
PeachesMMCNikki: but you were like introducing yourself and you said "and here's macaulay culkin!" but it was really you too hahahha
Mister Gosling: oh man. that is too funny. im seriously laughing so hard right now!!
PeachesMMCNikki: i know! it was great! all for chriss. sigh, what you'll do for the love of a woman
Mister Gosling: did she go out with me?
PeachesMMCNikki: and how funny it is that life is so full circle. YES she did
Mister Gosling: but i had to pay her?
PeachesMMCNikki: noooo
PeachesMMCNikki: the money was to take her out, like dinner
Mister Gosling: haha thats weird. i guess we went somewhere nice then
PeachesMMCNikki: well you only raised $2.39
Mister Gosling: damn
Mister Gosling: i guess we stayed home then.
PeachesMMCNikki: or double happy meals
PeachesMMCNikki: you were like 12
Mister Gosling: oh cool!! happy meals!
Mister Gosling: haha dollar store. wow
Mister Gosling: that is just so wow
PeachesMMCNikki: i know! I died. i forgot about that.
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